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What is the minimum spec for Starters Orders 5?
Windows 7, 8, Vista or XP. The game requires a screen resolution of 1024×576 or above. If you are not sure your machine will be suitable please try the demo and make sure this runs correctly before buying the full version. Starters Orders 5 supports most NETBOOK resolutions.

Is this game based on UK racing only?
No. There are four game modes. Each mode has it’s own set of jockeys, trainers and racecourses. Each mode also includes a realistic schedule of feature races. There is an option to choose between Furlongs/Fraction odds (UK) and Meters/Decimal odds for those unfamiliar with UK fraction odds and furlongs.

How much does Starters Orders 5 cost?
Starters Orders 5 costs £19.99, or equivalent in USD or Euros. Non sterling prices may fluctuate with exchange rates. You can buy Starters Orders 2 from ANYWHERE in the world. If you choose to pay in a foreign currency then your card issuer will convert the game price to your local currency based on the current exchange rate. You can pay using either VISA, MASTERCARD, SWITCH, SOLO or PAYPAL.

My machine is _____? Will Starters Orders run okay?
Starters Orders has been carefully designed to work on a wide range of machines. It’s almost impossible to give a minimum spec because much depends on the Graphics card your machine has. Basically a 1.5ghz should be fine, maybe even less. Try the free Demo before you buy to make sure the game works on your machine.

I want realism!
Starters Orders 5 has been designed to emulate all that is fun about racing. Many years have been spent balancing AI and algorithms to give the most realistic relationship between factors such as going preference, distance preference, training methods, horse characteristics and suitability to individual racecourses. Suitability to tactics… and many, many more. The primary aim was to create a game that brings the challenges of form analysis and betting to life.

Starters Orders 5 includes the most detailed and realistic races ever in a computer game. Every horse in the game (and there are up to 10 000 of them) is modeled using over 1200 separate parameters. This gives each horse a unique ‘personality’. Not only do horses behave like their real life counterparts but Jockeys behaviors is uncannily realistic too. Horses can get stopped in their run, pull up, jump fences, make mistakes and even fall or be disqualified. Jockeys can adjust their tactics during races depending on the actions of the other jockeys. Starters Orders 5 is a milestone for the horse racing fan and also the first game to accurately simulate jumps racing with races such as the Aintree Grand National and the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

Will Starters Orders continue to be developed?
YES! The idea is to listen to the people who buy the game and add what they want. This is one of the benefits of our self-funding and publishing strategy. Also, the money you pay for the game goes directly to the developer and therefore funds future games. Future development depends on making a minimum number of sales, so if you enjoy this game enough to play it then please don’t pirate it.

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