Starters Orders 4 iOS Support

IMPORTANT: The iPad game is only available via iTunes. Do not click the BUY NOW buttons on this site as these buttons allow you to purchase the PC version only!

Known Issues (v1.0):

There is a problem that occurs after the player has started breeding operations that can result in a crash. A solution is being worked on right now and a patch should be available within a couple of weeks. Do not breed your race horses until the update is available!


The game crashes and/or the race sequence stutters badly.

Starters Orders 4 is an in-depth sim that uses a lot of memory. It is recommended you clear your memory of other apps if you have problems. This does NOT mean you are deleting other apps but simple removing them from system memory. You can close any apps down by double clicking the HOME bottom on the front of your device. A list of any apps in memory will de displayed at the bottom of your screen. To remove from memory hold your finger on an app until it shakes and then touch the small cross in the top-left of that app.

Any other issues please email:

For owners of the PC version please note the following features are NOT available in the iPad version:

  • No replays.
  • No race commentary.
  • No combined flat and jumps games.
  • No jockey control options.
  • Only 1 save game slot.
  • No construction kit.
  • No user schedule creation facilities.
  • 1 meeting per day (unless foreign feature race).
  • No game horse transfers.
  • Smaller form book.
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Multiple game modes

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