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 Meet the Team - Flat 
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Post Meet the Team - Flat
So I have finally decided to make the time to get this down on paper, albeit about 7 weeks late :) I have tried to tie this back to my intial league preparation breeding post, generation 1 etc. And figured it would be a good time to have something about the game on the forums rather than whats wrong with the league.

So here goes


Zoom to the Moon - Colt:

Sire - Zoom Zoom Zoom - In the league team from week 5
Dam - Sixty Six Stocky - No league form

Decent sort from Generation 2, likes to race in the chasing group or just behind them, seems to do his best work at 6f in trial, but comfortable over 5f, indeed his only league win so far was the G2 5f Norfolk Stakes. His sire 'Zoom Zoom Zoom' who joined the team in week 5, was something of a breakthrough in my generation 1 breed, bringing full speed into the equation. The Dam was a stock breed mare from Generation 2, who herself never raced and was retired to stud at 2yo but can also be traced back to 'Zoom Zoom Zoom' again on both sides of her extended lineage. Low Group Class

Welcome to the Jungle - Filly

Sire - Black Dead Repemption - In the league team
Dam - House Goes Boom - No league form

Generation 4 product who has a very mixed breeding lineage, ranges from 5f to 6f. Another mid division runner who has a good late charge, only one dead heat win so far in a 6f maiden. The sire is in the team as a 4yo and was part of the failed generation 3 horses, with the original mix being 1.4m with 6f, potential is late to develop in this side. The Dam a 6f horse who failed at trial and was herself a mix breed of a high potential 1m line to 6f line that ties back to 'Zoom Zoom Zoom' if you go back three generations. Low Group Class

Zoom Zoom Zoom - Colt

Sire - King of Speed - No league form
Dam - Queen of the Sinners - No league form

Generation 1 product who started his own sprint line, disappointingly though the line only seems to produce at 2yo, from 5-7f. Running style like his extended family above is mid division with a late challenge. His sire was a full speed breeding horse who hailed from my US breeding speed programme. The dam who also had a hand in the production of the sire, remains on my trial sheets to this day, but has never quite claimed a top spot, and as a high potential horse has had a hand in fixing a lot of breeding issues. Her own lineage can trace back to last years league horse horses 'Its a London Thing', 'John Wayne' and 'Red John' who between them had three wins the best being a G2. Handicap to Low Group Class

Smash the Zoom - Filly

Sire - Quite Simply Smashing - No league form
Dam - Zoomer Boomer - No league form

Another generation 4 product, yet to get a league win her best so far a 2nd in a G3. Really a 7f horse, but can run down to 6f. Another mid division runner who likes to come late. Sire was a failed generation 3 horse with some really nice looking bars, whose own lineage has nothing but cruise and speed stock and stud horses in it. The Dam, as the name suggests is a Generation 2 horse whose own sire was again 'Zoom Zoom Zoom' she also flirts on the edge of the trials sheets and only lost her spot after generation 4 was produced. Handicapper

Black Magic - Colt

Sire - Cause for Concern - No league form
Dam - Black Ice - No league form

Another generation 4 horse and one I am rather fond of since he won my own race, though that maiden is thus far his only win. Decent at 7f, best work done at 1m and like so many of my horses has a mid to rear of the pack running style. Sire was another failed generation 3 sort who I had tried to get high cruising burst into, the extended lineage is all stock and stud horses. The Dam holds a place on my trial sheets from generation 2, and has two other trial successes both from generation 1 further back in her line. All these horses who could have made a place for themselves in this team or the next. Group Class

The Hurricane - Filly

Sire - Red John - League team last year, no wins
Dam - Almost There - No league form

This girl pre-dates the next generation breeding programme and has a lineage going back to my last league team. Usually likes to sit on the shoulder of the front pack, though has also been know to drift further back, I think she is at her best just off the leaders. 2 wins both in 0-90 handicaps so far. Sire 'Red John' was in the league team last year but drew a blank, the Dam is a bunch of names I know all failed to stick at trial. Handicapper, not likely to break group class.

Revenge of the Pig - Colt

Sire - Full Speed One Two - No league form
Dam - Pork Pie - No league form

Generation 3 breed, one of the few who was not utterly awful, though he only makes a mark as a 2yo, joined the team in week 5, one run for 2nd so far. Another who likes to be held up mid division and really only features at 1.2m. Sire is a stud colt flawed himself from the generation 1 speed breeding line, the rest of the extended lineage is also just stock and stud horses, the dam a generation 2 success who remains on the trial sheers and further has some solid trial performers in the extended lineage, 2 generations back you can find 'Master Class' who recently won the Irish Derby. Group Class I think.


Baseline Booms - Colt

Sire - Boom Boom Boom - No league form
Dam - Six F CB and Speed Stock - No league form

Generation 3 breed, who likes to run midfield or in the rear of the field, late speed but thus far drawn a blank in the league. Sire 'Boom Boom Boom' was a gen2 product from 'Zoom Zoom Zoom' and holds a place in the trial sheets, the Dam a pure stud mare, has a lineage that traces back to the gen1 breeding line but little else of note. Handicapper

Thing - Colt

Sire - The Master Chef - No league form
Dam - Just One Thing - No league form

This gen2 breed horse, who has and single G1H win to his name this year typically likes to run in the leading group. His breeding was the product of mixing my full potential 3yo lines with full speed, though two gens on from the initial seeding. His sire 'The Master Chef' could easily have made the team in his place and there is little between them, the breeding marker in his lineage 'Roastem Toastem' was the horse who started the full potential 3yo generation. The Dam in the mix who also has 'Roastem Toastem' in her extended lineage 3 generations back, was a largely failed trial horse who went to stud. There are a lot of names however in her breeding who featured at trail. Group class

The Red Dawn - Filly

Sire - Red Dead Redemption - No league form
Dam - Fix Con - No league form

Generation 4 breed and probably the best 1m 3yo I have ever trained, but sadly not up to snuff in the league where she has thus far drawn a blank, but has placed 2nd and 3rd in G1's thus far. Will either hold mid division or run in a prominant position. Sire is a failed gen1 6f sprinter (7f on the horse card). Dam is a stock 1.1m horse who was good aside from not having much consistency, and was retired to stud at 2yo, 'Is it Coz Im Black' is one generation removed in her breeding. Group class.

Is it Coz Im Black - Colt

Sire - Smells Like Money - No league form
Dam - The One Mile Speed Foil - No league form

Generation 2 chap who, again is a midfield runner and thus far has a single 0-110 handicap win to his name. Sire 'Smells Like Money' trailed well before losing his spot and has a lineage that extends back to last seasons horse 'Its a London Thing'. The dam as the name suggests is a pur stock horse from generation 2, likely one with some flaws that needed working out, consistecy or finish application; 'The Master Chef' and 'Roastem Toastem' feature in her extended lineage as horses who marked breakthroughs. High handicap to low group class.

Made to be Broken - Colt

Sire - Rules with Authority - No league form
Dam - Speed for Breeding Oak - No league form

Generation 1 breed horse, who should have been in the 1.4m range, does not stay beyond 1.2m from trial form. Something of a rarity in my breeding in that he usually front runs, and can be difficult to run down, least against my own nags. Sire was on the trial sheets for a long time only falling away against gen4 and there are other names too in the extended lineage that produced at trail. Dam is a stock/stud mare, but again has good trial form horses in her extended lineage who would have held team places but for generation 4. Low group class I think.

Black Mamba - Filly

Sire - Makes Leger Speed - No league form
Dam - Sand Snake - No league form

Generation 1 product, who with three handicap wins has been one of my best flat performers this season, been found out since venturing into group class. At her best when running just off the leading group, but tends to drift backwards more often than not. The sire was a pure stock stallion, in the 1.6m range, with little of note in the breeding which is really from a 2m line, the dam a failed trial horse with a largely stock and stud lineage, though 3 generations back you can find last years G1H flat winner ' Werewolf of London'. Handicapper

Master Class - Colt

Sire - Master of the Universe - No league form
Dam - Fix with Ruler - No league form

Gen2 product who profited from the potential line on his sires side and the speed and crusing of his dam. Had struggled in the league up until claiming the Irish Derby last week a result I was delighted with. At his best when he feeds off a front running group. Sire 'Master of the Universe' was a great trial horse at 1.2m and hailed from a 1.4 trail sucess 'Ruler of the Worlds'. Dam here marks a little inbreeding, she was a flawed 2yo retired to stock, who was supposed to be fixed by her own sire 'Ruler of the Worlds' hence the name. Seems that paring did not take, again her extended lineage is sprinkled with trail sucesses. Group class.

Jungle Queen - Filly

Sire - Change the Game - No league form
Dam - Queen of the Jungle - No league form

Generation 2 horse who has failed in the league so far drawing a blank, trials sheets have her as a 1.4m against my own lot, but in the league I think she can only really compete at 1.2m. Mostly runs midfield like so many in my breeding. Sire was a gen1 product who failed at trial but looked very nice on paper, and actually showed some promise over fences where he also landed for breeding. Dam was on the trial sheets herself for a bit, whose estended lineage also traces back to G1H winner last year 'Werewolf of London'. Handicapper on form so far.

Elrond - Colt

Sire - The Star Lords - In the league team as a 4yo, 2 wins up to G2
Dam - The Lady Galadriel - No league form

Gen2 horse who has been a massive disappointment in the league and I really felt he had G1 potential for the St Leger based on him beating my horse who won it last season. Sire is the impressive 'The Star Lords' who has 2 from 5 in the league so far, and has both 'Master of the Universe' and 'Ruler of the Worlds' in his extended lineage. The dam 'The Lady Galadriel' failed at trial and hailed from my cruise breeding line, she has just one familair and sucessful trial name in her more extened lineage. Handicapper

Wait Your Turn - Colt

Sire - Elrond - In the league team as a 3yo
Dam - Shuffle Hustle - In the league team as a 4yo

This one is a generation 5 breed horse that I got done in time for the week 5 upload window. Likes to run in stages, at the back, then midfield then into the leading group for the closing stages. Single run and win to date in the Queens Vase, the race he joined the team for. Sire Elrond is covered above and has thus far failed to live up to billing at the 1.6m range. Dam has also not got off the mark in the league as a 2.4m horse, and remains unlikely too with Johns monsters in this range. Her extended lineage has last years 3x winner and single G1 win 'New Jack City' involved and to show how bad I am at breeding in this range, it also includes a G1 Arkle winner from 2 league seasons ago, marking the point before I had split my breeding into flat and jump. Read a very long time ago so yes she has been tff'ed once or twice :). Group Class


Black Dead Repemption - Colt

Sire - Red Dead Redemption - No league form
Dam - A Moment of Clarity - No league form

Generation 3 horse one of the few who looked ok at trial but has failed in the league, bars are ok, but potential is an issue. Usually like to run the leading group. Sire was a failed gen1 who also had great bars for a sprinter but unrealised potential, rest of the extended lineage is all stock horses. Dam is also a gen2 who had some trial success though fell away by gen4 and also has nothing to speak of in the extended lineage. Has had a hand in some of my breeding, no longer used in that respect. Handicapper

Dead Red Demon - Colt

Sire - Red Dead Redepmtion - No league form
Dam - Demon Queen - No league form

Generation 2 horse, and likely the best sprinter I have trained from ages 2yo to 4yo, could have entered the team at any of these ages and up until his G1 win last week, I had regreted not bring him in as a 2yo. Sire mentioned above is a gen1 with nice bars who was clearly used in two generations of breeding. Dam is a full potential 3yo from a line with a lot of trial performers. 'Queen of the Sinners' and 'Red John' as names that stand out to me. Has a hand in my current sprint breeding. Group Class.

A Thing of Lunacy - Mare

Sire - Thing - In the league team as a 3yo with a G1H to his name
Dam - An Act of Lunacy - no league form

Another generation 5 product squeezed into the week 5 window and after a shakey G1 debute, she picked up a G2 win last week. Typically likes to front run, something of a novelity in my stables. Sire 'Thing' in the league team is covered above. The dam failed at trail but has some good trial performances in her extended lineage and draws speed from a 6f breeding line hailing back to 'Zoom Zoom Zoom' though he is four generations back now. 'Breaks the Rules' who was in the team up to week 5 and had a single maiden win, also features 3 generations back.

Glue Factory - Mare

Sire - Epsom Downs - No league form
Dam - The Fix is In - No league form

Gen2 production with a single 0-110 handicap win to her name, runs all over the place, but should really sit just behind the leading group, she just misbehaves, ranges at 1.2m. Sire was a gen1 uber bar 1.4m horse with lacking potential and dreadful trial results, dam a fixed up horse who failed at trial and is actually a mix from a 2m line and a 6f line. Neither side has any really trial form horses in it. Handicapper

Happy Place - Mare

Sire - Breed Me Some Cruise - No league form
Dam - Put in Some Speed - No league form

A gen3 production, one of the few to have trial form, but given her bad form in the league, that more likely just shows how bad my 1.4m older horses are. Sire was a stud stallion with as the name suggests good speed, and you find 'Black Mamba' one generation further back. Dam a stud mare with good cruise who has 'Is it Coz Im Black' also one generation back. The mix clearly looked solid on paper. Handicapper

The Star Lords - Colt

Sire - Master of the Universe - No league form
Dam - Star Cruise Needs Fix - No league form

Generation 2 product and one of the really decent looking flat horses I have in my team. 2 wins from 5 thus far up to G2 level and has his eyes on the Irish St Leger. Tend to run midfield early, but quickly picks up the pace and seems to go best when breaking for the front at about 3 to 4f out. Sire 'Master of the Universe' a good trial horse at 1.2m bring the potential, the dam added speed and high cruise, and has 'Black Mamba' one generation further back. Group Class

Thunder - Colt

Sire - Hand Me the Cup - No League form
Dam - In Distance - No league form

One to pre-dates the next generation breeding program, and has looked a little off pace in the league up until his maiden win last week. Sire failed at trail and has no real breeding to speak of, dam much the same, and on both sides there is a stack of inbreeding with 2 horses landing 3 times on each side within 3 generations. No very well breed really. Handicapper

Shuffle Hustle - Mare

Sire - New Jack City - G1 winner in the last league season
Dam - Destination - No league form

Again one whose breeding is older than the next generation project. Would likely be a decent sort in the league if it were not for the domance of John at the 2.4m range. Sire was a 3 time league winner with one G1 under his belt from last season, beyond that we have G2 winners from the season before. Dam also have 'New Jack City' in her lineage, though 2 generations back and another bunch of horses whose breeding is equally old. Low group class

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Post Re: Meet the Team - Flat
Interesting read Josh, i'll have a look at mine when I get home next week.

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Post Re: Meet the Team - Flat
Nice information!

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Post Re: Meet the Team - Flat
Great info this mate. Stuff like this definitely makes the league a lot more fun for me, reading through, knowing league form for the breeding horses etc. Definitely makes the league more inter-active, which I think could slightly improve, people giving stable tours like this etc, their plans an expectations for some horses. I thought about it but need some decent horses first, maybe next season :)


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