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 Meet The Team – Jump 
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After last seasons performance, retaining my NH title with 71 wins and claiming my first ever DCC title despite the shortcomings in my flat team, I approached this seasons jump breeding with a fairly relaxed attitude. I figured between my returning horses, the few breeds I did as last season ran down, and those I already had in the bin I could already field a G1 level team. So I decided to do only two things, 1 – Breed some white horses from a very old lineage good enough to make the team on merit, a quest that utterly failed, and 2 – Breed a bunch of failed flat horses, but with mega ‘bars’, to my existing and established jump stock, a quest that has I am afraid to say projected my jump team to the next level.

My approach for this was simple, do an original breeding mix of failed flat to my best jumpers, keep any horses who held the flat bars but also had some of the jump characteristics I look for and then retire the keepers to stud with a naming prefix ‘G One’. I repeated this but also started to rebreed the ‘G One’s to my top jumpers. More stock breeds were recycled to stud, ‘G Two’ and then ‘G Three’s and so on and so forth, though I also started to properly name and train some of the horses from generation two onwards. Eventually the seeding flat horses were done away with, probably after two or three generations and the stock was further evolved from Jump trial results, having inherited the enhanced ‘bars’. In all I likely did about six generation of burying the flat lines and maybe 15 seasons of bred horses.

The whole process has evolved my understanding of jump breeding, left very few of last years 71 race winning monsters with a place, seen all the old bin horses be deleted and only a few of the old end of season breeds are still around too. I am reasonably sure this is my strongest jump team yet and whilst I am sure everyone else has moved forward too, I think this team will be hard to stop.

4yo Hurdle

Not usually my strongest area as my jumps lines are more focused on maxing potential at 5yo, the flat injection has helped moved this back to 4yo in a few line though and I have confidence they will be in the mix at G1 level. Both are decent options for the bumpers also.

Game Show

Sire – Show Of The Century – In the league team as a 5yo
Dam – Its Game Time – No league form

A fourth generation breed who is my 2nd best hurdler and could have easily claimed a place as a 5yo. Hold up type whose sire is my top 5yo novice and himself is by the mighty ‘Time For A Show’ my champion hurdle horse. ‘Time For A Show’ also has a hand in the extended lineage of the dam. My Triumph horse G1 class.

Show Your Colours

Sire – Time For A Show – In the league team as a 5yo
Dam – G Two Perfect Hurd – No league form

A third generation breed but on trial form is someway down the pecking order, will likely see time in the bumpers and handicaps but should also feature in some graded races. Sire ‘Time For A Show’ has already been introduced and he can be found only one generation away in the dam also, but deeper there is league form from last years G2 winning ‘The Big Show’. Low graded class.

5yo 2m Hurdle

An area where I have always had G1 success, but have never been dominant and the champion hurdle still alludes me. I believe this years crop represent a step forward and will feature in G1 races throughout the season, though the Champion Hurdle is the only one I want.

Show Of The Century

Sire – Time For A Show – In the league team as a 5yo
Dam – G Three Hurd Fix Ground – No league form

My top novice, whose breeding once again features the sire ‘Time For A Show’ whose extended line tracks back to last years G1 class. The Dam is a stock breeder from my flat to jump experiment, you need to go back more than five seasons to find graded league form from last season. Hold up type with a great turn of speed. My Supreme horse G1 class.

Time To Play The Game

Sire – Without Limits – No league form
Dam – It Game Time – No league form

My 2nd novice and 5th best hurdler on trial form. Her breeding is technically generation five and is a mix of my three main hurdle lines ‘Show’ ‘Game’ and ‘Power’. Sire ‘Without Limits’ is by league horse ‘Unlimited Power’ and the Dam is by old favourite ‘Time For A Show’ and ‘The Game’ who ran in the exhibitions. Will challenge for the top novice spot, but also likely see some time handicapping. Handicap to graded class.

Time For A Show

Sire – G One Perfect Breed – No league form
Dam – The Lords Show – No league form

My top hurdler, champion hurdle prospect and the horse who more than any other projected my hurdle lines forward. Generation two breed and something of a fluke in my view, his sire a generation one horse who mixed one of my top 2m chasers ‘The Stage is Set’ who won her exhibition race and a 1.2m flat horse getting the absolute best of both. His dam links directly to three league horses from last season ‘Its Show Time’ ‘The Big Show’ and G1 winner ‘The Irish King’ and herself nearly grabbed a spot this season. Either runs in the pack or holds off the leaders, goes through the gears late but with real enthusiasm. Champion hurdle horse G1 class.

Unlimited Power

Sire – The Perfect Match – 3 league wins last season, 1x G1.
Dam – The Lords Show – No league form

My top mare and likely 3rd or 4th rated of my hurdle team. Her breeding is an odd mix with G1 winning chaser ‘The Perfect Match’ on one side and his extended line is all chase but Dam ‘The Lords Show’ goes back to G1 winning league hurdle form and she has had a hand in a lot of my breeding as shown above. Will challenge her half brother ‘Time For A Show’ but he usually has her measure. G1 class.

5yo 2.4m Hurdle

Another area where I have had good G1 success in the past, but never really beaten back the competition consistently. Though I think they are improved I am expecting a tough season for this lot based on the exhibitions.

Comes To Fruition

Sire – Eight The Elves – No league form (appeared in the exhibitions)
Dam – G Three Flawed Chase – No league form

Generation four breed who was named as she looked to have all the right parts in all the right places from my jump to flat breeding experiment. Performed like a monster in trial and is just that little bit better than everything else I have at this distance. Breeding is a bit odd though. Sire ‘Eight The Elves’ is nearly the finished product, but his extended lineage is top draw and includes 4x G1 world hurdle league horse ‘Eights A Mystery’ and returning horse ‘Eights The Fences’. The Dam is a mix of gradually improving stock breeds originally hailing from my G1 2m chasers. The outcome is a blistering fast solid jumping hold up type who I have high hopes for. Will stay to 2.6m G1 class.

Without Limitations

Sire – Without Limits – No league form
Dam – The Fourth Phase – In the league team as a 5yo

Still a lot of flat horse in this one, but the jumping is decent enough and even though she favours firm ground she trialled top three on soft. Her breeding sire ‘Without Limits’ who can been seen above is from the 2m ‘Power’ hurdle line which has team quality. Her Dam joins her in my mare filled 2.4m hurdle team but is three generations removed from the flat to jump experiment, this time from my 2m and 2.4m chase stars including team member ‘The Black Stage’. Will challenge her dam for top novice spot in this division. Runs down to 2.2m. Graded class.

Sins To Forgive

Sire – Sins Of The Mind – No league form
Dam – G One Coral Hurd – No league form

Another generation two team member whose sire brings the jumping form to the table with last seasons league horses ‘The Right Stuff’ ‘Chase The Record’ and ‘Zombie’ who all had wins up to G2. The Dam is mostly flat there is a sprinkling of hurdle form as part of the mix. Can be a lazy runner and often gets caught napping, but has graded credentials on his best form. Handicap to graded class.

Fruits Of Your Labours

Sire – Magnificent – No league form, featured in the exhibitions
Dam – Comes To Fruition – In the team as a 5yo

Generation five breed, though at this stage both sides of the mix had proven jump form at trial. Sire ‘Magnificent’ ran well in the exhibitions and could have made the team himself and there is G1 league form behind that from ‘The Perfect Match’. Dam ‘Comes to Fruition’ maybe a star and links to my very best 3m hurdlers. Will push her Dam hard for the top spot in the team. G1 class.

The Fourth Phase

Sire – Double Down – No league form
Dam – Phase Three – No league form

As the name suggests a fourth generation horse who is again a flat to chase mix, seems to work well for my hurdle team this season. His sire draws jump skills from team member at 2m chase ‘The Perfect Monster’ and gen two flat breeds, the Dam ties to two league members ‘The Stage is Set’ who won her exhibition chase and ‘The Black Stage’ who is one of my top 2.4m chasers this term and again to g two flat. Another novice likely to see time in the handicaps and low end graded races.

5yo & 6yo 3m Hurdle

Have been very successful with my 3m hurdlers, having multi G1 winners in the last two league seasons including back to back world hurdles. These are just that little bit better. And exhibition winner ‘The Coven’ finds no place. There be monsters here.

Your World Within

Sire – World of Warlocks – In the league team as a 5yo
Dam – Book of Spells – No league form.

My best 3m hurdler, though you can split the top 5 or 6 on the trial sheets by a whisker. Fast jumper who consistently likes to hang around in the middle before turning on the jets from about 5f from home. Most of my 3m horses run the same way as there’s a wee bit of cross breeding as you will see reading down. The sire who is in the team is just as good and has a long line back to ‘Hexbag’ and ‘Consequence of Stars’ both of whom had league wins including G1. The Dam extends to the same horses but also draws from ‘Eight Mile High’ a 3.4m chaser who fell late in the exhibitions. World Hurdle horse G1 class

World Of Warlocks

Sire – Warlock – In the league team as a 5yo
Dam – G One World To Hurd – No league form

Another monster 3m hurdler I have at my disposal, comes in as a novice and will go after the Albert Bartlett. Runs midfield before eating up the ground from about 5f, hard to catch if he gets loose. Sire is one of the few old school horses who made the team marking this horse as the link to my new generation hurdlers, ‘Hexbag’ again in the breeding. The Dam is a G one flat to 3m hurdle cross another who got all the right bits in the exchange. Albert Bartlett horse G1 class


Sire – Consequence of Stars – 3x league winner novices and handicaps
Dam – Hexbag – 2x G1 and 2x G2 league winner

One of the few, might be the only horse in the team who predates my breeding experiment. Lineage on both sides is stuffed with top draw league form and multiple G1’s and he is probably the weakest of my team and comes in as my 2nd novice. Still G1 class in my view.

Eights The Fences

Sire – Eights A Mystery – Multiple G1 league wins over two seasons including the World Hurdle and Albert Bartlett
Dam – Can She Jump – No league form

My only returning hurdler and something of a sentimental choice, though not without cause following his storming performance in the exhibitions. His inclusion means the last generation of my 3m breeding is left out and he could be the best of the bunch. Won two races last year, but never got a shot at the graded races as I had better options, he has matured well comes back better and with dual entry will get his shot this time around. Breeding is pure 3m on the sires side, and a curiosity from my flat stable who mixed with a gamebred. World Hurdle G1 class.

5yo 2m Chase

Had a decent amount of success in this class, winning the Arkle and a handful of other G1’s over the seasons. The Queen Mother is the one that alludes me still. The top 5 or 6 on the trial sheet have nothing between them and in general it is my belief that the current crop are as strong a team as I have ever assembled.

The Stage is Set

Sire – The Perfect Match - 3x league wins including one G1
Dam – The Worlds A Stage – No league form

Another horse who predates the breeding experiment, is technically 5th or 6th on the pecking order, but after her exhibition win I decided to give her a slot, especially since she had a hand in breeding many of the horses that hold the top spots. Loiters midfield usually and turns it on towards the last 2/3f. Jumping is usually a strong point. 2nd Arkle horse. G1 class.

No Such Thing As Perfect

Sire – The Perfect Stage – No league form
Dam – The Perfect Monster – In the team as a 5yo chaser.

There are two main lines for my 2m chasers, ‘Perfect’ and ‘Stage’ and this lady has a mix of them both, even if they originally centred around one horse, last seasons G1 winning ‘The Perfect Match’. Technically also a generation four horse on the side of her sire ‘The Perfect Stage’ could have easily claimed a team slot. Dam ‘The Perfect Monster’ did. There really is nothing between this lot, but given the cross breeding its hardly a surprise. Another who hangs midfield before making a late charge, fast jumper in trial. Arkle horse G1 class.

The Perfect Monster

Sire – The Perfect World – No league form
Dam – Kingdom of Monsters – No league form

Another mare but ones whose breeding is not part of the experiment, even if she was breed during it. Had a hand in breeding ‘No Such Thing As Perfect’ above and ‘The Perfect Match’ is the main influence on the side of her sire. Her Dam is really from a hurdle line and includes graded winners from last season ‘Its All In The Hips’ ‘Kingdom of Gods and ‘Kingdom of Nuts’ from the season before. Again will languish in the middle of the pack before making a move from about 4f typically. Sound jumper and my 2nd Queen Mother horse. G1 class

The Extreme

Sire – The Black Stage – In the league as a 5yo
Dam – Extreme Measures – In the league as a 5yo

My top 2m chaser and technically a generation six, and all recent breeding lines are from proven trial horses. Sire ‘The Black Stage’ ranges are to 2.4m and you can find both ‘The Perfect Match and ‘The Stage is Set’ further back in his breeding. Dam is a pure 2.4m horse and probably the best in my stable, she also has ‘The Black Stage’ and the ‘Stage is Set’ in her history, further back is failed exhibition horse ‘Galadriel’ whose presence denotes speed. Will stay 2.2m comfortably and just about makes 2.4m, but her aim will be the Queen Mother. G1 class.

5yo 2.4m Chase

Used to be an area I was much stronger in with multiple G1 coming from ‘Law of Consequence’ two seasons back. Last years group was more of a disappointment and I am not sure they won beyond G2. Still perhaps the one part of my team where I am exposed, but I think the top three will be a marked improvement on last season.

The Black Stage

Sire – Perfection in Black – No league form
Dam – The Stage is Set – In the league team as a 5yo

Bit of an odd one this horse, and one who maybe confirms why my 2.4m chasers are weak. Breeding is all 2m chase and from basically the same set of stock as the four above who made the team. Again breeding is clean and not part of the experiment and both the sire and the dam have ‘The Perfect Match’ in the lineage. Further back there is a sprinkling of hurdle speed, ‘Kingdom of Colts’ and ‘The Big Show’ from last season most notably. Probably my top 2.4m novice chaser. Graded class.

Extreme Measures

Sire – The Black Stage – In the team as a 5yo
Dam – Extremities – No league form

Generation five breed from the side of her dam, my top 2.4m chaser and going into the league is the one I shall be aiming towards the Ryanair. Some distance clear of everything else in trials. Sire is detailed above and is all from an old lineage based on G1 winning ‘The Perfect Match’. Dam is two generations removed from ‘Galadriel’ who failed in the exhibitions but she is a more polished version. Ryanair horse G1 class I think.

The Black Lass

Sire – The Black Stage – In the team as a 5yo
Dam – G Two Chase Foil – No league form

My second string novice and her inclusion starts to make the cupboards look a little bare, only a little better on paper than both ‘Eight The Elves’ and ‘Galadriel’ neither of whom did much in the exhibitions. Sire at this stage needs no introduction is in the team and helped breed other. Dam is two generations on from the experiment, the original mix, yep you guessed it ‘The Perfect Match’. League horse ‘The Perfect Monster’ was part of the next mix. Likely to be found in lower graded class and handicaps.

The Dark Lord

Sire – Eight The Elves – No league form, featured in the exhibitions
Dam – Galadriel – No league form, featured in the exhibitions

Generation four horse who at the time of her first trial had me excited about her prospects. Fallen away in trials since but just beat out both her parents for the team slot. Will play second fiddle for the Ryanair and is most likely to see action in the lesser graded races and handicaps.

5yo & 6yo 3m to 3.4m Chase

Had a bucket load of success with this class last season, largely due to ‘Time To Kill’ and her 6 wins, 4 of which came over G1’s. Add in a Gold Cup and other G1’s from others in the team, I start from a pretty solid position. All of this group can run 3m to 3.4m aside from ‘Battle of The Woodland’ who tops out at 3m. Pretty sure there are monsters here too.

Battle Of The Woodland

Sire – Battle At The Hot Gates – G1 winner from last season
Dam – Galadriel – No league form, featured in the exhibitions

My top pure 3m horse who will come down to 2.6m with ease. The Hennessy and King George will be amongst the targets but will not stay for the Gold Cup sadly. Sire was an unlucky league horse from last season, though did land a G1 and came from ‘Time to Kill’ himself. Dam is a generation four breed who has had a hand in a lot of my horses and basically adds speed. ‘Eight Mile High’ who was leading when he fell in the exhibitions is also present a further back. Really think this horse is top draw and most certainly G1 class.

Battle of Trafalgar

Sire – Battle At Hardholme – No league form
Dam – Extreme Measures – In the team as a 5yo

Most of my best 3m chasers have a battle in the breeding, and that always plots back to ‘Battle At The Hot Gates’ and ‘Time to Kill’. One of the last bred is essentially generation six. In this case the battle breeding is well removed and the Hardholme line flirted with National distance horses via ‘Pray For The Queen’. Seems I tried to reign that in with a breed to a 2.4m chaser, though my best at that, detailed above. One of two novice 3m chasers and likely my second pick for the RSA. Graded to Handicap class.

Battle Of Agincourt

Sire – Battle At The Hot Gates – G1 Winner from last season
Dam – Eights To Fish – No league form

With breeding that predates the experiment, though also the flat types rarely feature at 3m plus, this chap has a lineage that is stuffed with league winning horses and multiple G1’s. The best of which is ‘Time to Kill’ on the side of the sire but the dam brings quality to the table also. My top novice and like many of my 3m horses will run in the pack until about 5f from home after which he will try to break you. Top shout for the RSA and likely G1 class.

Years in The Making

Sire – Battle At Hardholme – No league form
Dam – The Impact of Nine – No league form.

Recently bred and with the gold cup distance in mind this is another horse whose breeding is all tied to older horses with a bunch of G1’s to their name. The sire adds the extra distance and was a cross of my national line and my ‘Battle’ line, and is mentioned above. The Dam who nearly landed a team slot herself was a fourth generation chaser who trialled well mixed with last seasons Gold Cup winner ‘Maximum Impact’. Will push ‘Battle of The Woodland’ hard all season and will likely go into the Gold Cup as my favourite. Gold Cup horse G1 class.

Maximum Impact

Sire – Eight Mile High – No league form, featured in the exhibitions
Dam – Eights to Fish – No league form

Gold Cup winner from last season back to defend her crown, and she just about does that on merit, but only just. The extra year actually sees her stay a little further and aside from the Gold Cup I mostly expect her to run at the 3.4m range if she can find any she is not rated out of. Still should be respected by trial evidence suggest I have better.

7yo 4m Chase

Has been grandually improving since I came into the league, feel this years offering are way ahead of anything I have ever entered before and it will be hard to keep the out of the hands of the handicapper for the National.

Pray For The Queen

Sire – Pray for A Miracle – 2 league wins including the Scottish National
Dam – Queen of The River – No league form

Breakthrough 4m horse, who stays 4.2m and will of course be looking at the national not that I expect she will take a favourable rating with her, also pretty accomplished at the 3.4m range. Sire has league wins at distance, but the breakthrough came from the Dam who has ‘Battle At The Hot Gates’ in the lineage along with ‘Time to Kill’ but she held her ability at distance and created this 4m freak. Not that there are many to be found over 4m but she is G1 class and light years better than ‘Pray For The King’ who comfortably won his exhibition race.

Pray For Another Day

Sire – Pray for A Miracle – 2 league wins including the Scottish National
Dam – Pray For The Queen – In the league team as a 7yo.

Pretty much level in ability to his dam above, another stand out 4m horse, but he does not perform so well much shorter than that. Breeding has league form from the sire, as per the above, and a stack of G1’s from the dam who is in the team as my 4m star and took the best from my 3m horses. Another who would be G1 class in the few races of this type at 4m and upwards.

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