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When I try to buy the game the price appears in UK sterling. How do I pay in my local currency and will I be charged for the conversion?

PayPal will automatically convert the amount to your local currency and will not charge you any fees at all.

When I launch the game it hangs or displays a 'not responding' message.

This can happen if the window loses focus on launch or the game cannot check for updates correctly. Make sure the window has focus and leave it for 30 seconds or so and it should launch.

I downloaded the game and get a 'Cannot open archive' message or a message reporting the archive may be corrupted, empty or an incompatible format when I try to open the archive.

You may have an old version of winzip. Install this version to solve the problem: http:/

Norton AV does not let the game install or removes the game EXE.

Norton AV is known for producing frequent false positives. Software it does not recognize can be removed from the end users machine by default and surprisingly, without even giving the user the option of overriding the removal.

We have notified Norton of this problem and they have updated their virus definitions so be sure to update your Virus definitions if you have this problem. If you continue to suffer from this problem email us at If Norton removes your game file so you cannot play you can create an exception by going to TASKS > SECURITY HISTORY and restoring the SO4 files.

I get 'Error while unpacking program, code 2. Please report to author' - WINDOWS VISTA

uninstall the KB2533623 update file as descibed below:
Click "Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features".
Click the "View installed updates" link on the left side of the window.
Locate the "Update for Windows Vista for x64-based Systems (KB2533623)" update.
Select the KB2533623 update and then click the "Uninstall" button.
Once the update has been removed, restart the computer.

I get an 'Error 51' during play.

Error 51 occurs when the main game executable has either been corrupted or tampered with. If you get error 51 download the latest patch from this site and run the game. The error will be corrected. For further help email

The game (or demo) suddenly stops working (often after changing some settings).

Locate the STARTERS ORDERS 5 folder under LIBRARIES > DOCUMENTS (in explorer). In the SAVES folder find a file named GENSET.DAT and delete it. This resets the game settings and the game should now run.

The game will not operate in full screen mode and I have a nVida video card.

Run the nVidia control panel and click either CHANGE FLAT PANEL SCALING or ADJUST DESKTOP SIZE AND POSITION. Select the USE NVIDIA SCALING option.

Next run Starters Orders 5 and click START GAME. Click SHOW OPTIONS and set FULL SCREEN MODE. Exit the game and then re-start.

The game asks me for my key every time I play.

Right click on the SO5 shortcut and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

The game did work but has now stopped working completely.

Locate and delete the application settings file. This file is called GENSET.IDX and (for WIN7 or VISTA) is located in LIBRARIES > DOCUMENTS > STARTERS ORDERS 5. If you are on WIN XP the file will be in the DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS FOLDER.

The game still crashes to desktop.

(Thanks to Dancing Brave for providing the help below)

A CTD can be caused by a variation of triggers and without the aid of an error message, diagnosis is problematic.
Here are a number of focus points for troubleshooting –

Perform a clean uninstall of the Starters Orders software, making sure that all game files from both the Program Files and Program Data directories are removed. (Prior to doing this, it is advised to back-up any and all important modifications) Restart the machine, and then perform a fresh install of the game.

Scan the registry for corruption. (Safe and effective software such as Registry Life (free) or Ashampoo Registry Cleaner (£3 give or take) can be downloaded online, to do such a job)

Check game related permissions on both AV software and the firewall. If necessary, disable them while carrying out further diagnostics.

Make sure Direct X is fully updated and test its functionality. This can be accessed by entering ‘dxdiag’ into the Search function (Run function on older operating systems) via the Windows Start Menu.

Check that the graphics card is operating with the latest version of available drivers. For those that undergo live updates, try rolling back the driver to a past version. (Driver details will be located in Device Manager, which can be accessed via the Control Panel)

Monitor the memory and CPU levels while attempting to run the game, in order to rule out any process abnormalities. (You will find a vast array of Performance Monitor apps freely available to download)

Try to access the game on different resolution settings. (Display settings can be accessed and altered via the Control Panel, or by right-clicking on the Desktop)

If the point is reached where the above has been exhausted, yet the problem still remains, the likelihood is further analysis will be both complex and heavily time consuming. Therefore, it would now be worth considering the more drastic approach of formatting your HDD and starting from new. (Any and all important files, pictures, documents and such like, should be moved to safety beforehand).

When I click on the UPDATE icon in the game nothing happens.

Some older browsers have issues. Try updating and installing your browser again and it should be fixed.

After downloading an update I cannot open the zip archive in order to run the update.

Try installing this version of winzip and download again: [url]http:/[/url]

After installing an update the game will not run or the update has not worked.

If you have Norton AV installed try updating your virus definitions as it may be blocking some files.

Thu Mar 11, 2010 9:13 am
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