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 Bug fix log 
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Post Bug fix log
The latest patch is 1.085. Check your version number bottom left of the main game menu once the game has loaded. The update button is also bottom left. See below for a full list of historical fixes and improvements.

Steam Users: The Steam build may occasionaly be a version or two behind the build purchased via this website.

Mac Users: Due to the time updates take to go through Apple's submission process the Mac is likely to be a few versions behind the PC. The Mac store will notify you of updates when available.


* Export horse screen bug fix.
* SHADERS crash fix.
* Jockey mode fine control bug fix and tweak. Tap UP or DOWN once for minor rein adjustment allowing better fine control of pace.
* Some race plan tweaks + acceleration/deceleration mods.
* Minor jockey AI tweaks.
* Joystick polling tweaks.
* Dubai fix.
* Oculus Rift (PC, DK1 only) fix for shaders and weather. High spec gaming PC's only. DK2 not currently supported.
* Minor realistic weather optimisations.
* Starting year now 2015.
* Formbook bug fixed.
* Normal mapping (SHADERS option) optimisations and bug fixes (improves appearence).
* Normal mapping added to horses and jockeys. Improves look of horses and jockeys. HIGH TEXTURE DETAIL must be on in the options for this to work.
* Quick save auction bug fixed.
* Potential export crash where modded data has been used. Fixed.
* Jockey 'shout-out' layout fix.
* Race menu. 1080 layout fix.
* 3D trees reduced at Ascot. Framerate boost.

* 'Burst' parameter reporting bug fixed.
* Race Calc tweaks.
* Shaders: Jockeys and horses brighter.

* Race penalty bug when horse stuck behind runner in front resulting in extra potential not gained. Fixed.
* Minor preferred distance range mods.
* 2yo Maiden minor distance tweaks later in season.
* Selecting METERS in options. Posts will now show METERS rather than FURLONGS.
* Minor jockey AI mods.
* Haydock shadows fix.

* Racecourse screen bug fixed.
* Night racing colour washout with shaders on fixed.
* Apple Mac possible memory related crash with extended play fixed.
* Apple Mac backup process bug fixed.

* Big screen leader focus fixed.
* Race sequence speedo meter bug (when using meters) fixed.
* Modded textures missing a normal map crash. Fixed. NOTE: if you mod racecourses and add your own terrain textures you must also add a normal map to match.

* New game lockup introduced last patch fixed.

* Editor export/save bug fix.
* Depth of field (blur) fix.
* Normal map bug fix.
* Jockey mode (jumping) made slightly easier. Also minor tweaks.
* Jockey mode jump indicator removed. Use fence approach and practice to judge take off point. Instructions updated.
* Fast jumps better tied in with horse parameters.
* Real time weather improved. Bug fix.
* Unseated rider race order and focus bugs fixed.

* Formbook bug fix.

* Fix regarding fixed field size races.
* Realistic weather tweaks.
* Error reported if racecourse can't be loaded (rather than a crash).
* Minor list box layout fix.
* Editor lighting and export bug fix.
* Aintree terrain fix.
* Rendering optimisations.

* Game difficulty now affects jumping. Normal level results in slightly easier jumping. Easy level easier still.
* Some National course fences made a fraction easier in jockey mode.
* Possible weather slow down fix (when very cloudy).
* Possible race crash fix.

* Jockey mode. Horses less likely to take off early (before jump activation). Tied in with jumping ability.
* Hardware instancing fix (race sequence).
* Race sequence. Billboard (2d image) scaling fix.
* Possible race sequence crash fix.
* Crash (on race loading) where removed modded silks fixed.

* Error reporting added for racecourse load crash to detect corruption.
* Possible race crash on a small minority of older machines fixed.
* Newer API used for game controlers (PC). Run the game and Hit C and re-configure you joystick/gamepad before playing.

* Crash bug fix regarding modded flat courses with no turf course.
* DLL added.

* XInput DLL fix.

* Course editor fix where quiting without saving may result in vanishing rails fixed.
* Course fix for hole bug while adjusting terrain.
* Shader depth of field fix.
* Windsor jockey mode fix (after restart).

* Possible crash or course corruption reported when 1/4f or 3/4f used for jumps showcase distance (use 0 or 1/2f only). Fixed.

* Declarations fix. Possible crash.

* Jockey mode XBox controller adjustemt reducing stick up/down, left/right overlap.
* Windsor jockey mode fix.
* Possible void race crash fix.
* Racecourse screen subcourse error.fix.
* Export horse fix.
* Trainer data past stats year fix.
* Data currency fix.

* Crash on start fixed.

* Minor memory leak fix.
* Owner mode end of season crash fix.
* Post 1.019 crash on load fix.

* Crash regarding empty races fixed.
* Austrailian going mods.
* Big TV back working.
* Race sequence glitch with billboards fixed.

* Horse confidence fix.
* Lockup (skip day)bug fixed.
* Shadow hurdle/fence issue on NHF courses fixed.
* Crowd audio fixes/improvements.
* Editor fix.
* Horse break mod's (not jockey mode).
* 'Real time shadows' replaced with real time cascade shadows. There are three levels in the options with 'high' casting real time shadows on all entities (HIGH setting will reduce the frame rate).
* Separate depth of field option back in.
* Crash on load fixed.
* SO6 now uses DirectX11 by default (rather than directx9) where possible. Please report any issues. In the event of frame rate issues disable 'Real sky' and/or lower real time shadow detail.
* Improved sky detail rendering (DX11).
* Early take off frequency (jockey mode) significantly adjusted down.
* Possible fix for jockey mode where horse clips heels and falls right at start.

* 1080 and full screen mode fix.

* Lineage crash fix.
* Version of DirectX being used displayed on main menu (bottom-left).
* DirectX11 low shadow setting modified.
* Camera crash at race start fixed.

* Form view fix.
* Cascade shadow fix.
* DX11 real time weather mod.
* DX11 optimisations.

* Weather tweaks.
* Name/formbook search fix.
* Directx11 rendering fixes.
* Directx11 full screen fix.
* DirectX9 Alt-tab fix.

* Confidence display fix.
* Monticello (US redirect) added.
* Rendering optimisations.
* DX11 fixes.
* Sky fixes.
* New video option pre-set.

* Training adaptation fix. Horses with zero adaptation previously reported as 100%
* Missing horse/jockey shadow fix on some machines.
* Realistic sky off (sky box) improvements.
* Cloud shadow improvements.
* Export fix.

* Possible skip day lock up fixed.
* Auction crash fix.
* Directx9 cascade shadow race fix.
* VSync mod (race sequence).

* Render option (DirectX9 and Directx11) added to OPTIONS. Only use the SO6 shortcut to run the game (the so6dx9.exe and so6dx11.exe are now out of date).
* Water fix (DX11).

* DX11 crash/corruption fix.
* Blank sky bug fix.
* Cloud shadows fix.

* DX11 Vsync screen mode init changes.
* Full screen mode changing to windowd on restart fixed.
* Evening racing distant hills fix (DX11).

* DX11 memory leaks/crash fix.

* Tote board fix.
* Crash on exit fix.
* Possible export load bug.
* DX11 memory leak fixed (causing crashes).

* Realistic weather improvements.
* File corruption load crash fix.
* Directx11 fixes.
* Directx11 real weather fix.

* Reins quality increased in race sequence (improves 'square reins' ).
* Apple Mac possible crash fixes and memory fixes.
* Jockey Rush fixes.
* Notes fix where a very large set of notes exist.
* Realistic sky fixes.
* Zone fix for gui table zones with bitmaps.
* Editor fix.

* Horse mane flicker fix.
* Some Windowed modes not available on certain machines. Fixed.
* Some race kit options back in. Report and issues.
* Exports fix on some machines.

* Kit mods and fixes.
* Animation occasional glitch (dx9 and dx11) fixed.
* Horse pool default fix.
* Max horses in game limit to stop people modding pool to a point where it causes game issues (usualy lock ups). The limit ranges from 11000 to 20000 depending on game mode (jumps only being the lowest).
* On input box gaining focus if the previous string length is above 20 characters it will not be cleared. DELETE will delete previous text and BACKSPACE will delete previous character.
* Aus going mods.
* Racecourse fog crash fixed (real weather only).

* New high quality crowds option (animated) for higher spec PC's. Turn on in options (CROWD: ANIMATED) and restart. DX11 Only.
* Notes fix.
* Possible clipping issue fix.
* Animation optimisations (DX11).

* Fresh installs. Detect GEFORCE card and default to DX11.
* Kelso fix.
* Crash fix (DX11 race).
* Kit fixes.
* Occasional starting on hurdle fix.

* Kit fixes.

* Previous patch fix.

* Jockey mode look left/right fix.

* FPS text on/off fix.
* Memory leaks and over-run fixed.
* End of season issue possible causing corruption fixed.
* Import TTF bug fixed.
* Kit fix.

* Declarations table bug fix.
* Email back working (owner games).
* Email button repeat bug fixed.

* Races starting on fences fixed.
* Rare crash on declarations screen (more likely if more than one player) fixed.
* Specific advice regarding video options may be given if frame rate is very low.
* Minor 1080 layout fix.
* 1080 Jockey orders box fix (race menu).
* 1080 mode. Quick ride now button added to jockey orders box (when player has one runner in current race).
* Chepstow and Newbury. Chase courses. Kinks in course waypoint paths smoothed out (related to allign points).
* Fontwell course portrait added.
* Oculus DK2 minimal HUD added (not in public build).

* End of season fix.

* Kelso rail fix.
* Dirt particles fix.
* Missing course portrait added.
* Launch time improved.
* Video memory usage reduced during race (may help low spec machines).
* Define joystick (full screen mode) fix.
* Button highlight (dx11) not working fixed.
* Autorun flicker in full screen fixed.
* Mobile platform fixes.
* Saddle cloth number corruption fix (DX11).
* Realistic weather (DX11) fixes and improvements.Gaming spec pc's only.
* Nosebands white fixed.
* Big screen fix.

* Minor race tactical mods.
* Extra checks for corrupt settings files added.
* Minor draw effect application mod.
* Kit. View horses page UTILS added (old options back in). Codes: 989 - blank ratings, 951 - set all 51, 975 - set all 75, 1-20 (set rating * 10).
* Kit trainer name edit in.
* Export format (lic) fix. For any league the single HRS files should be exported from v1.061 or after. This does not affect exports from the game into the main export database.
* Kit groups corruption fix.
* Simple HDB file backup (automatic). This file may be backed up up IF it is bigger than the last backup. Do not rely on it. You should backup manualy now and again.

* Kit race creation sort bug fixed.
* Kit league build updates.
* On first run adjusts initial visual settings if high spec geforce video card detected. Mobile geforce cards downgraded.

* Trainer data screen layout fix.
* End of season over-run. Possible crash. Fixed.

* Kit fixes.
* Select all button fixed on Training screen.
* End of season trainer link crash fixed.
* Year start now 2016.
* Breathing problem and op fix.

* Realistic jockey mode added (for jumps). This mode does not require the jump button. Instead jumps are modified with rein actions. See updated instructions.
* Jumps game mode. Possible crash on gallops fix.

* Kit fixes.
* Crowd audio finish improvement.
* 'The leader is last' comms bug fixed?
* NHF races at Cheltenham running through hurdles fixed.

* Kit fixes.

* Kit fixes.

* Hexham and Hereford course fixes. Running through rails and incorrect finish.
* Kit fixes.
* Breeding roll mods (less chance of failure).
* Possible end of season memory issue fixed.
* Some course portrait fixes.
* Race names panel scaled for better fit.

* Auctions are no longer skipped when skipping day (from the race menu).
* Names overlay (during race - N) fixed.
* Skipping day on advance decs screen always displays new day details in schedule table.
* Form card trainer and jockey links fixed.
* List boxes now auto-scroll if items are off screen.
* Jumps course screen fix.
* Distance list boxes. Distances listed depending on game type/code.

* Possible export related crash fixed.
* Oculus Rift (DK2 and CV1) activated (for races only - not menus!). See OCULUS HELP button on main menu (Rift must be plugged in for button to appear).
- There are hud problems on the CV1 and currently the realistic sky does not work.
* Joystick standard defaults set on first run.
* Realistic weather (PC) minor tweaks/improvements.
* Crowd audio minor improvements (feature races).

* Tutorial web link added to main menu.
* Button added to main trainer/home menu to enable/disable tutorial tips.
* Artefact flicker in jockey mode on certain animations fixed.
* Oculus Rift crash (when raining) fixed.
* Oculus invisible jockey head on end replay fixed.

* Owner mode fix.
* Not detecting new series 10 Geforce cards on launch fixed.
* Trainer maiden entry ai minor fix.
* Depth of field (trees) fix.
* Oculus Rift CV1. Minimal HUD added (turn on/off with 'H'). Advanced Jockey mode now working.
* List box fix. Mouse over unopened list-box. Cursor keys up/down now work.
* Ultra wide 2560 x 1080 screen mode added.
* Minor menu table visual fix.

* Owner mode crash fixed.
* Settings save fix (Oculus).

* Possible repeat breeding corruption bug fix.
* Possible prep race related corruption fix.
* Minor trainer AI fixes.
* Realistic weather. Minor cloud variation fix.

* Potential memory overrun fix.
* Processing optimisation on skip day for longer games.

* AI fixes regarding foreign horses.

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Post Re: Beta fix log
Don't forget that if you mod any data at all back it up before patching and then replace it right after the patch process has finished.

Sat Jun 07, 2014 8:20 pm
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