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 Hey Guys 
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Post Hey Guys
Hi Everyone

For a long time now i've been looking to build a forum game around starters orders.

I wanted once that require tactics, was run under a league formula and allowed all members the opportunity to participate no matter how much time they had unlike the league at the moment.

Teleprompter's effort a month ago reignited my passion.

So on my days of during the week i've come up with a brief overview of how i would run what i'm going to call.

The Trainer-Game

Please do not hesitate to comment anything you don't understand, any flaws you see or anything at all this will not be perfect and if it goes ahead it will take a season or 2 to make perfectly but I believe this could be a league that's fun for everyone form the hardcore to casual and require only a little effort a week.

Brief Notes:

1. This is not the finished article there are a few details that need filling in just looking for a general response.
2. All races would be run in race builder.
3. It will require participants to role-play more then the usual league with horses not being able to run every week based on there stats.


1 Each Player is given 100 trainer points to acquire owners from the pool

2 Bids are then fielded on owners. (A trainer may have as many owners as they buy with their points)

3 Owners have 2 characteristics Star Rating, Horses Required

3.1 Owners have a star rating between 1-5 1 star owners given less money but require less success 5 star owners give the most but require great success.
3.2 Horses required will be the quota of horses an owner wants in training failure to comply with this will lead to a set fine for the amount below this you are;
3.3 There is no fine for going over the horses required

4 Trainers negotiate targets with owners
4.1 These have 3 categories: Wins, Grade, Prize Money
4.2 Wins are a specific amount of wins an owner expects you to achieve (10, 8, 6, 3, 1)
4.3 Grade is the minimum grade your owner expects one win in 5 grades (Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Handicap, Maiden)
4.4 Prize Money the minimum prize money the owner wants you to achieve (TBD)

5 These can be negotiated up and down for Less/more budgets

6 The trainer’s budgets are set for the sales

7 Trainer points can now be spent on a breeze up report this includes a horse potential, a juvenile constitution and Constitution report)
7.1 These act on a roll of dice formula best on a horse potential from detailed report based on splitting the bar into 10 equal quadrants
7.2 If you buy a report and a 3 or 4 is rolled you will get the exact horse potential 1 gives you 2 less than the horse potential 2 gives you one less and the reverse for 5 and 6
7.3 You can buy up to 3 reports on one horse
7.4 JC and C are given as exacts)

8. Horse itself will all be homebred from stallions that have characteristics of real life stallions e.g. 1m4f will be Galileo, 1m horse will be Frankel (THIS WILL NOT BE EXACT TO REAL LIFE ABLITY)
8.1 All dams will be game horse with brief description (e.g. Group 1 winner, handicap winner etc..)

9. Auction takes place (Bids to be made with budget from owners and not trainer points)
(TBD how this would happen)
9.1 Trainers expected to keep record in their excel file how much has been spent
9.2 Anyone over spending at the end of the auction loses there highest priced horse which will then be sent to general sale next season

10 After auction fines are deducted from trainers with not enough horses for their owners.

11. Trainers can then spend the remaining training points on Gallop Workout reports (Same as breeze up reports but cost more points)

12. Trainers then sent Excel sheet with the amount of race days their horses are allowed to race for the season based on the Juvenile Constitution (which will be their number of races as a 2yo) and Constitution for older horses. (this will be placed in their stables sub forum which trainers are to update after there horses run.)

12.1 Nothing major need just a simple
11 Donkey 2 days left

13. Races
13.1 12 race weeks a season based on a British calendar with season 1 have 6 races a day
13.2 Entries taken before every race week
13.3 Races run once a week
13.4 ??% of prize money is kept by trainer and turned into trainer points

14. off Season
14.1 Owners targets are reviewed
14.2 completing a target gives you bonus trainer points depending on the difficulty compared to an owner example (1 star owners and a target of a Handicap pays more than 5 stars target of Group 1)
14.3 Any one failing all target has the owner takes his horses away from that trainer
14.4 Trainers are given their new season 100 points
14.5 New owners and owners looking for new trainers are bid on.
14.6 All horses who left their trainer are not up for general sale along with any horse a trainer would like to sell
14.7 New breeze up sale takes place

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Post Re: Hey Guys
Sounds amazing, wish you the best of luck with it.

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Post Re: Hey Guys
sounds mouthwatering


Thu May 25, 2017 6:00 pm
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Post Re: Hey Guys
Sounds fun. Good luck with it.

Sat Jun 03, 2017 5:04 pm
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