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Betting Gone Wrong!!!!!
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Author:  Mikey1892 [ Sat Oct 16, 2010 7:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Betting Gone Wrong!!!!!

well i bet my dog from 4/5 into 1/7 then 40/1 lol

so then i thought 33000 at 40/1 would have me made for life[img].................[img][/img][/img]

so look like starting from my last save lol

continued my game and tryed to back my dog and it said no cash to bet. but on exiting the race the minus in my bank balance disappeared


Author:  exxplozion [ Sun Oct 17, 2010 7:15 am ]
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How much money is that is that billions?
What a strange thing to happen.
Mikey I have a question, have you got GM 1 as well as GM 2 and if you have is there a difference between the 2 because I have played the demo of GM 2 and I cannot see anything that would make me pay out £12.99 for it, my opinion. I also think that a season demo is better than a 7 day demo but with everything unlocked so that I can feel the difference if any.

Mark wouldn't it be more profitable in the long run for your games like SO 4 and GM 2 to have a season demo with everything unlocked so that we can experience what each game as to offer than the 7 day demos that have features locked?

Thanks Mikey. :D

Author:  Mikey1892 [ Sun Oct 17, 2010 9:49 am ]
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Generally apart from the graphics (slight difference)
there is a big difference in dogs performance mainly on the inside they check up a lot less. but in general the game play and schedule are the same. apart from from a few things in training and dogs getting injured.

In my opinion i would of stuck with GM1 But with my own trainers and stable update and panthers new 99.9% schedule it would give a totally different feel to the game and should make the £12.99 worth paying. The schedule in dog racing generally being the main focus point for most people. And would make breeding more difficult in a way because with so many competitions it would be easy for a slightly lesser dog to pick up 2 or 3 comps with out winning the bigger ones but would be a lot more realistic and better in my opinions panther's doing a great job of making his schedule as accurate as possible.

i wouldnt say a full season demo would be nessacary but 3 month demo may be better with most things unlocked but having them locked adds to the idea that if u buy it you'll get the extra features.

And yes it was billions or more lol and with the minus gone i was still inable to bet but each week lost money lol so had to quit and go back to my last save point. which was only a week or 2's difference.

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