Starters Orders 5 (Released Apr 2012)
The eagerly anticipated fifth release in the long running Starters Orders series was released in April 2012 and boasts a range of ground breaking new features and a full graphical overhaul and raises the bar in the horse racing management game genre.

Starters Orders 4 (Released Dec 2009)
The eagerly anticipated fourth release in the Starters Orders series was released in December 2009 and and included a range of ground breaking new features.

Starters Orders 3 (Released May 2008)
Starters Orders 3 was released in April 2008.

Greyhound Manager (released March 07)
Greyhound Manager is our new in-depth greyhound racing management game. Check out the website.

Starters Orders 2 (released 2005)
Released November 2005. Starters Orders 2 takes the genre to new heights with a host of new features and improved graphics.

Horse Racing Party (released March 2006)
Based on our acclaimed Starters Orders 2 game, Horse Racing Party allows up to ten players to compete in a ‘Punter Match’ competition with realistic betting and racing. With enhanced menu screens and simplified game play, Horse Racing Party is aimed at the more casual player as well as the horse racing fan. Available for £9.99 or equivalent from:

John McCriricks Starters Orders (released 2004)
Published by Focus Multi-Media, the retail release of Starters Orders 1. Still available in store for £9.99 Sterling. Reviewed by the Racing Post here.

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Greyhound Manager
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