Starters Orders 6 Mac DEMO

The full version of Starters Orders 6 for the Apple Mac is NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes.

DEMO NOW AVAILABLE: Download the free Starters Orders 6 (Apple Mac) demo now by clicking here (450mb).

Min Spec: Please experiment with the video options to get a good framerate. Hit ‘F’ during the race to display the framerate in the bottom right corner. If it drops much below 60 then adjust the video options. Lowering the screen resolution seems to make a big difference as does lowering Anti-Aliasing.

IMPORTANT: The Mac game is only available via the Mac App store/iTunes. Do not click the BUY NOW (top-right on this page) as this button relates to the PC version only!

Please report any issues with this demo to

When released and Following purchase please RATE and if possible Review this game. It helps boost the games iTunes ranking!


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Multiple game modes

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