Support Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that if you do not find the answer to your question on this page you may email support by clicking here. Also go to the FORUMS for the most up to date technical support information.

Q. The game or demo crashes or will not start.
Buggy or out of date video card drivers are the cause of the vast majority of problems with Starters Orders 4. You need to manualy update your video card drivers by visting the video card manfacturers website, downloading the latest drivers and then installing them.

1. Find out the make and model of your video card by going to you control pannel and clicking DISPLAY > SETTINGS > ADVANCED > ADAPTER. The ADAPTER TYPE should tell you the video card you have, for example ‘Nvidia GeForce 3’.

2. Find the manufacters website and the drivers. In this example google ‘Nvidia GeForce driver download’

3. Download and run the driver instalation.

4. Restart you machine.

Q. How much does Starters Orders 4 cost?
£19.99 UK Sterling or equivalent in your local currency. You can buy Starters Orders 4 from anywhere in the world.

Q. How do I get the game?
Go to and download the game. The download includes a free unlimited play demo so you can try before you buy.

Q. How do I pay for the game?
It is recommended you download and try the demo before you buy to make sure the game will run on your machine. You can pay either by clicking the BUY NOW button in the demo, running the full version and clicking the BUY NOW button at the key entry dialog or simply go to the website ( and click the BUY NOW button. You can pay via any credit/debit car via PAYPAL’s secure servers and you do not need to have a PAYPAL account in order to pay.

Following payment you will receive a receipt from PAYPAL and once your order has been processed you will receive another email containing a personalized key/serial (within 24 hours). Keep this key save in case you need to install the game. Print it out or better still burn a CD containing the game and your key for safe keeping.

Q. What happens if I change computer or format my hard drive? Do I lose the game?
No. You simply reinstall the game and activate it again using your personal key.

Q. Can I install the game on my second/third PC?
Yes. There are no restrictions but we can deactivate and keys we found to have been abused/published.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?
We use PAYPAL secure or trusted world-wide payment system. You can pay using most credit or debit cards or even Paypal. You do not have to have a PAYPAL account in order to buy the game.

Q. I purchased Starters Orders 4 and have lost my key and have now bought a new computer or reformatted my hard drive etc. How do I get the game working again?
Simply contact customer support ( using the same email address you use to pay and we will return your key.

Q. I can’t pay for the game!
If the PAYPAL screen does not appear after you click the BUY NOW button (in either the demo or the full version) simply go to the website and click the BUY NOW button. You will then be emailed your key. Any other problems email us at:

Q. There is no text on the Training screen or the bookmakers blackboard (race screen) or I have other graphical problems/crashes.
Try rebooting. If this problem remains then update you video card drivers. Out of date video card drivers are a common cause of graphical problems/crashes.

Q. Either version crashes on startup with a ‘Can’t set video mode’ error.
Starters Orders requires a graphics card that can support 1024x768x32bit display mode. This won’t be a problem unless you have a very old graphics card installed.

Q. During the race the scrolling looks wrong or the race sequence runs slowly.
Unless your machine is below the minimum spec (or you have not updated your vide card drivers recently) you should not have any problems with the race sequence. On some newer video cards there will be an Antialiasing setting (in the video card settings). If you have Antialiasing set ON the try setting it either APPLICATION CONTROLLED or OFF and this should fix any slow down issues.

Q. The game crashes whenever I click the CONTINUE button or my saved game always crashes at the same date (and I have the latest patch).
It is possible your save game is corrupt. Browse the Starters Orders folder where you installed the game to. Delete all the files in the SAVES folder (but not the folder itself) and start the game again.

Q. Where is the manual for the game?
The manual is stored in word format on your hard drive. From your desktop click START > (ALL) PROGRAMS > STARTERS ORDERS 4 > INSTRUCTIONS.

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