This page contains patches/upgrades for Starters Orders 4/5 only.
Click here for patches and support for Starters Orders 3/2.
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Starters Orders 5 patches:

Starters Orders 5 updates are accessed from the game. Look for the update notification at the bottom of the screen on the main game menu.

Starters Orders 4- Patches:

If you have the retail (boxed) version of SO4 then you are up to date and do not need to patch. The patch here is for the download version only.

Click here to download SO4 (standard build) patch 1.023.

Starters Orders 4 Support Information

Not got your key?
Following purchase you key will be emailed to you. It can take up to 24 hours for you key to be delivered. If you have chosen to pay via the eCheque option payment may take several days to reach us and your key will not be dispatched until the payment has cleared.

The game crashes or does not start!
The vast majority of problems are caused by buggy video card drivers. Manualy update your drivers. More info on the support FAQ below.

Support FAQ
Go here if you are having problems installing, running or unlocking or paying for Starters Orders 4.

Game Help
Game FAQs – A help page for those ‘in progress’ and unfamiliar with UK racing and/or those who are having trouble understanding some areas of the game. If you have a question please email me and, if suitable, it will be answered on this page.

Forums – click here to go to the Starters Orders Forums.

Novice Quick Start – A helpful section that takes the player through entering a horse for a race, placing a bet and watching a race.

Game Instructions – For those unable to read word documents there is a copy of the instructions online.

Click here for more Game Help – Q&A

FAQs – Game Play
FAQs – General
FAQs – Support
Game Instructions
Novice Quick Start
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