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 How to make this game even better 
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Post How to make this game even better
Better Navigation:

- When you're in any of the top link pages Courses, News, Sales etc there's no access to the my racing stable enter races section etc without having to hit the back button which brings you to the summary page and then you gotta click to go to the page you want. Having both link bars appear on all pages would make navigation much easier and would save lots of unnecessary clicks.

Summary Page Overhaul:

- The summary page should not be the homepage unless it gets an overhaul. I think this has taken a step back compared to SO6. The setup on SO6 where you could click on a card and scroll down through all the races and see all the runners was much better than clicking on the race and being brought to the form card page. Currently the summary page doesn't show the going at each race course each day. This is an important thing that needs to be added. It doesn't appear on the form card either.

News Page Overhaul:

- The news page is a big part of other games like football manger. It just isn't the same on SO and never have been. It would create a lot more immersion if there was a better news page. If you were to get messages from reporters from lets say the Racing Post asking questions about a horse about a big race etc. Such as "With the Derby coming up on Saturday, how do you rate your horses chances?" "Will he go on the ground?" etc etc You could have a choice of answers and a text bar for your own response. This would then publish in the next days news page. You'd see other trainers responses too etc. The horse would have to be a group performer because it would get repetitive otherwise. It would lead to a build up to big races and make the big races stand out from the others.


- This is a great addition to the game but it needs work. I feel the voice should be 1 or 2 speeds faster to be in sync with the race itself. Given that its computer generated would be great if we could get multiple commentators with different accents. I'm sure the code would be the same for each commentator and you'd just have to change the accent. It should be doable. Maybe have the option to select the accent you want in the settings. Irish/English/Welsh/Scottish/SA/US accent. The commentator should have a slight increase in volume at the end of the race or a speed quicker at the finish just to show that the race is coming to an end. No race calls are the same volume level throughout any race, commentators get louder and more enthusiastic at the end of races or if there's a faller etc.

Big Race atmosphere:

- The commentary has added to this by the announcement of races at the start but right now a Group 1 race such as the Derby looks, sounds and feels the same as a claiming race would and vica versa. I can't emphasize how big of a deal this is. Big races should have something to make it look, sound and feel like a big race and right now they dont. I don't know how to make it better but possibly a short parade or showing the horses going down to the start and have a banner of the race with the runners show on the screen ala the Gallop Racer game. Have a bigger crowd, have the sound of the crowd louder, have the race banners on the track to show that its the breeders cup etc. Maybe even have a different result page for the group races with a shot of the horse in the winners enclosure. Just something to make big races feel different to low grade races.

Stable info Page:

Would be handy if you had info with the number of horses you have. With In training/Out of training/Breeding Table. Having a the list of jockeys associated with the yard. On mixed schedules it would be great if you could have a main flat jockey and a main jumps jockey and flat apprentice and national hunt claiming/amateur jockey. Be able to fire and hire jockeys from this area. Possibly have the stable finances accessible on this page too. Basically a page with all the staff expenses and stable info including horses and breeding barns and different gallop tracks etc.

3D Horse Page:

Why not have a 3D version of your horse on your horse page instead of just a photo. They did this on console games such as gallop racer and G1 Jockey. Have the horse move around a little, snort or nay even. From this page you can upgrade the horses tack or add nosebands and visors etc. Change the colours of bridles and visors. Currently you're unable to add noseband and visor or blinkers and nose band. Most trainers have both on their horse and also we need cheekpieces and tongue straps. This should be able to help a horse settle for focus better and actually have an impact on how it races. I had a horse who had full potential bar in SO6 but because he would never settle he couldn't win a race. If I added the combination of a few of these they would help him settle. This would actually be training the horse and have an effect on how he races.

The Go Race Page:

- The skip today's racing should be besides "skip" and "result" not in the top right corner. I hit the save and quit button by accident so many times.

The option to "Interrupt skip" on the day of the Sales:

- I keep missing sales because there's no interrupt option. Its frustrating having to keep checking when the sales are on so that you don't skip them when skipping to next user horse race.

Option to bid all on Sales:

It would be handy to have the option to "bid all" instead of having to click on them all.

Few other small issues that need looking at:

Racecourse image is faded on summary page.
World Map appearing on the Stable Info image just seems out of place.
Text on the bidding page is overlapping and not in the right place.

Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:02 pm
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