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 Meet the Flat Team 
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Last season was a bit of a weird one. I only joined the league last second having messed up by starting an new combined game in between seasons, and it simply not working. It meant I had no time to improve horses and went into the season with mostly cast off's from the season before, and a few new ones from the last weeks trialling. I was only talked into joining in the last few days as I didn't think it would be worth it.

Up until that point in the league, my only real horses had been my sprinters, and my 2yo's, so I decided to overload on those an have a skeleton team beyond a mile. It seemed to work, and although Darren's sprinters were better, mine still picked up enough wins, and I had a massive surprise package in Reno Response. She was the one horse from the failed Combined game I wasted months on, winning the Dubai Gold Cup, Sydney Cup an Melbourne cup off top weight.

This year I have focused solely on turning an early version of my sprint game (flat only), With Osaka Play as a youngster (1m1). It only had 5 an 6f horses in it besides Osaka Play an few others dotted about at a mile. Osaka Play has won Group1s for 3 seasons running in the league. He's up there with the very best I've seen in the league for holding his quality for 3 age groups. I slowly started trying to turn this in to an all round game. Before, where I had no middle distance horses at all, they are actually looking very good in my trials now. My team this year is a lot more well rounded because of it. My sprinters and 2yo's have suffered a little though as I haven't played the sprint only game at all. It should be interesting to see the results in the game, but I will be sticking with this game only going forward I think, maybe add the failed combined game in the mix, but just to try an get a jumps team at some point. Most of my lines now have Osaka Play in, and Hefei Delta, who was the first of my very good sprinters. The results have been insane so far

My breeding technique has always been to use as many well bred mares as possible. If they score any points in my trials, they go to the barn. I'm finding that they hold well the traits of their good parents, and can pass them on in the future if bred with the right colt who needs those traits. I tend to get an exceptional colt every few seasons this way, that beats the last, and is almost always bred from a very average mare. And with plenty of variety in my mares, it's very good for longevity of lines.

Top 5 horses of Stable in order;

Memphis Potential - 12 furlongs
El Paso Dual - 16 furlongs
Meridian Frances - 10 Furlong 3yo
Meridian Swell - 12 Furlong 3yo
Costa Messa Coming - 10 furlong

I will add the 2yo's in once I finish my trials this week for them

Flat Team


Jinan Spring - One of very few from my old sprint game. Only noticed after uploading that he is still 3 in the game, so may have missed a trick in getting him to 4 to upload. Bred from 2 colts who have done well in the league before and uploaded solely for the Commonwealth, still debating taking him out to make space for others, but a serious horse on his day

Meridian Master - From the new game, however, although wining the 1000 Guineas last season, an a few grade 1s, I just can't get excited about my milers. Likely to be my worst distance. They could pick up the odd decent race if the pace is fast enough though - Bred from the Osaka Play lines

Anaheim Brush Complete freak with a fast pace, if the guineas is a fast race, she'll stand a chance of swooping late. Without a fast pace she struggles a bit though. Has about 6 of my very good league horses in the breeding, Osaka Play, Hefei Delta, Xinyi Player to name a few, so hopeful she takes to league format

Anaheim Gille - Yet another stemming from Osaka Play, looks like the French Derby was designed for him, should run well in anything up to 1m4 though

Meridian Frances - Could have been uploaded as a 3yo or 4yo. She was simply too far ahead of the other 3yo's not to use for the French Oaks though, especially as sometimes she can compete with 4yo's too, so hopefully will still be competing late in the season too, could be the best horse in my team, she's so dominant in my trials. Bred out of Memphis Potential, who is the new superstar in my breeding barn an trials. You guessed it, Grandson to Osaka Play

Anaheim Nation - My Derby horse, likely only uploaded due to the other horses being far too good at 4 to use as 3yos. Very well bred from Osaka and my sprint lines combined. Very good in his own right, an not quite as reliant on a fast pace as some of my others, which could help in the 3yo classics

Meridian Swell - Oaks horse, and although she likes to come from off a fast pace, she is so far ahead of my other 3yo fillies it's unreal. 100% potential which was passed on from her Father, Memphis Potential. Both changed my trials completely over the middle distances. Very hopeful with her

El Paso Morant - Could be my first 1m6 horse I've ever uploaded with any expectations. First season trialling he scored a perfect 75 points out of 75, meaning he won all 15 races. All by about 5 lengths too. Granted at the time he wasn't beating too much, but he still wins it well now I have a lot of competition for him. Could be a player in the Leger hopefully. His Grand Sire is Memphis Potential, while his Mares side is all milers an sprinters, so odd he turned out a 1m6-2m horse

Older Horses

Putian Three - 5f horse that thrives on softer conditions. An improvement on my previous season 5f horses, so could be up there in right conditions

Putian Lightning similar to Three, 5f horse who is much better on good an former ground. Decided to put both in to cover all bases for the out an out sprints. Expect him to be right up there on better ground

Meridian Prime - If you thought my 6f horses like to challenge late before, this guy is on another level. He has an unreal talent, but if he doesn't get the pace the league races may get the better of him. Likely to pop up in the big races. Descendant of Osaka Play for some reason turned out a sprinter. Weirdly has Osaka Play as his Great Great Grand Sire, but even earlier than that, has both Xinyi Player an Xinyi Nightngale in his lines. Not seen that before, but they are the best sprinters I ever produced in the league. both mares who never directly produced much, but have since popped up producing a lot from the Mares I kept to breed with because they were well bred but average in the CK. This lad is a prime example of my breeding techniques.

Putian Marian My only returning horse this season. She was uploaded as a 3yo last season, when my 3yo's are nowhere near my older horses in terms of sprinting. She still managed to beat the older horses in a group1 an compete very well in the others. On that form she should do well as a 4yo, and still up there in my trials

Sandy Springs Happy - Another of my milers that on her day looks great, but seems to need the pace of the race to be just right. Good enough horse, an beats last seasons milers by a distance an they both won group1s, but there's just a lack of confidence in my mile team, very much out of my sprint lines.

Anaheim Recast - Very very similar to SS Happy above, runs exactly the same way, needs exactly the same kind of pace, but instead of being from my sprint lines, is from my middle distance lines. Hoping to split the 2 up an get lucky in a couple of the big races

El Paso Intrigue - 10f horse likely to do best on softer grounds and dirt. Another out of Memphis Potential. Didn't inherit the 100 potential but is still very good in my trials. Hoping for some very big runs over 10, but may even get a little further

Xinji Place - 10f horse an a bit of a strange one. Out of Osaka Play, but one of my few none grey horses. Will be better on firmer ground. Changed my 10f trials completely when I trialled him. Completely destroying everything that came before. Still very much in the mix, despite the competition vastly improving too. However the stats just aren't very good at all, and he has bred next to nothing any good. Just seems to have whatever the CK gene is in spades. Likely to be one of those horses you upload with high expectations that just never performs in the league. If a super Colt in my trials fails to produce any good offspring, it usually means he'll be no good in the league either. Just one of my little theories

Costa Messa Coming - Another 10f horse from Memphis Potential. Went a little under the radar in my trials for a couple of season. Although being up there, it never stood out. Suddenly it took off an started looking a bit of a world beater. Will prefer softer ground an dirt, but not totally reliant on it. High hopes for him in the league, and in breeding going forward. Funnily, never got 100 potential himself, but does seem to pass it on to offspring

El Paso Fury - Not sure what to make of him. Doesn't seem as explosive as some of my other middle distance horses, but is extremely consistent over 1m4, always earning enough points to be right up there in the trials. Should be interesting see if he produces in the league. Grand Sire is Memphis Potential again

El Paso Thistle - Another Memphis Potential Horse. Bit of an experiment this one. I really wanted a filly 12f horse in the league and this one always wins the filly only trials each season. However, when mixed for the league trials none of my fillies were anywhere to be seen. Using her based on each seasons trials rather than the league trials. Not too hopeful in the bigger open races. May be ok in the fillies races

Memphis Potential - I've not been as excited about a horse since Xinyi Player about 4 seasons ago. So likely to flop completely :) Mt first flat only horse with 100% potential, which I picked up from a random group1 winning game mare. Since then he has gone on to completely blow away all before in my 12f trials, an also create so many great horses from breeding. He Has everything, but is far better off a strong pace. May struggle round the tighter tracks, but hoping to produce some very good performances. His Grand Sire is Osaka Play, but also has some very good sprint breeding

El Paso Dual - Grand Sire is Memphis Potential again, but this one is a 2m horse. Completely blows away last years Melbourne Cup winner Reno Response. On that form she could be a monster if she can transfer it to League company. May be able to drop down to 1m6 too

Anaheim Primo - Not quite as good over 2m as El Paso Dual, but still a big improvement on Reno Response. May stay 2m4, and this is the reason she's in. Not likely to stay, but will be given the chance before likely being dropped to 2m. Breeding for her has Xinyi Nightngale/Hefei delta (out an out sprinters) and Osaka Play an Memphis Potential. Bred to be very good over shorter distances, but seems better the further they go.

Sorry for the ramble, I like to look back on these myself at the end of the season just to see what happened compared to my expectations


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