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S08 Development - (OR SO7 update)
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Author:  npdoughty88 [ Wed Sep 14, 2022 10:46 pm ]
Post subject:  S08 Development - (OR SO7 update)

Some good suggestions on here from other people.

My main one is a course overhaul

Our current courses are a mix of what has been created by yourself, mj, bob, simpleminds

All of the respect in the world to the modders for the effort, but there are issues with horses running through rails, and surfaces not refined (this pertains to original tracks that came with the game too). I have spent many hours trying to correct this, but Its a mountain to climb.

I'd love to see you go through the courses, Mark, and get them looking like its 2022.

I appreciate you previously spoke of the demand for better graphics. I don't think any of us expect that, as you'd be looking at a 6 figure investment most likely, and it's not feasible.

For me, I just want to see the best made of what we have, which really, isn't too shabby.

If we look to MJs Meydan, it's not without the running through rails issue admittedly - but in terms of aesthetics, it is very pleasing to the eye.

I understand you cannot use real sponsorship advertising boards on courses, these are easy for any of us to go in and add later on, but if you could please redesign the courses to look sharp, have all the correct starting points, etc, I think many players would appreciate this.

Over years and years of modding, I think the course files have gotten into such a mess that courses and course data are one of the leading causes of crashes.

This is the ONE area of the game that really bothers me

Otherwise, I have learned to enjoy SO7 just like I did SO6.


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