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Starters Orders 7 available on PC!

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Starters Orders 7 is Out!

Buy it now! for Windows (digital download)


Starters Orders Touch is the new mobile game released for Christmas 2023!
Starters Orders Touch includes most of the new simulation features of the upcoming desktop game Starters Orders 8 with a brand new GUI designed for mobile and a new 2D race sequence. The most detailed and in-depth release for mobile platforms ever!

You can buy Starters Orders Touch on iOS (other platforms coming soon) for phones or tablets by clicking here ›

Starters Orders Touch mobile is pay once play forever model. No in-app purchases are required to unlock content.

There is a Feature list and screenshots here ›

SOT mobile instruction PDF here ›
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Starters Orders 7 is an in-depth Horse Racing management simulation currently for the PC Only. Train your string of horses and take part in races around the globe. Breed new stable stars. Build your stables and even take the role of the jockey. 3D races with Oculus Rift mode!
Starters Orders 7 adds a number of new features including in-depth breeding, realistic new dynamic commentary, Newspaper style race and form cards, new racecourses, etc.

You can buy Starters Orders 7 for the PC (digital download) by clicking here ›

Also available on Steam here ›

There is a 2D Classic edition now available for those who prefer 2D races or own lower spec hardware here ›

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