Starters Orders 7 is available via this site or Steam. Those who buy via this site may request a free Steam key should they require one.

Payments via this site are processed via Paypal. Following payment a key email is sent to you containing the game download links and your personal key to unlock the game.

You can buy Starters Orders 7 3D for the PC (digital download) by clicking here ›

You can buy the 2D version of SO7 Starters Orders Classic for the PC (digital download) by clicking here ›


It is recommended you download the zip file rather than the .exe option. If you continue to have download issues please contact us via the above tab. Be sure to email in from your purchase email.
If you recieve a warning saying the .exe is unknown (or similar) click on the 'more info' text and then click 'allow' or 'run anyway'.


'Cannot find import; DLL may be missing: VCOMP120DLL' Error when running. You need to download a file from Microsoft here ›

Please note there is an instruction document installed with the game. You can also access it on the web here ›

If you have an issue with the game firstly please visit the technical support forums by clicking here ›

If the problem persists contact customer support via the CONTACT US option top of page.