Starters Orders Classic

Starters Orders Classic takes the race sequence from the last 2D edition of the series and combines it with the latest SO7 management simulation engine to create a superbly realistic horse racing game with a classic 2D race sequence. Designed for those who prefer the 2D style or those who own an older or budget system that can't run SO7 3D, Starters Orders Classic is a return to the series roots while maintaining all the series newer simulation features, improved menus and commentary.

The Classic 2D race sequence uses a modified race sequence taken from SO5. The races utilise the SO7 race creation code for even more tactical realism and also the new SO7 commentary engine.

Classic exports are compatible. Any horses exported from SOC will be compatible with any SO7 online league that may be running on the forums (please check).

Download the free PC demo (you can purchase the full game from within the demo - immediate unlock via email, no more downloading) here ›

Or click one of the icon links below to purchase now via this website or Steam and download right away (£19.99):
Please note the website release is live but the Steam release is not yet and should be available within a few days.

Game features:

  • Vast horse racing game world with thousands of horses, hundreds of jockeys and trainers.
  • The most realistic races ever now depicted in a classic 2D race sequence.
  • Permenant horse records with historical stats.
  • The only game ever to accurately simulate UK jumps racing.
  • Train, own, breed, bet and race in a realistic horse racing world.
  • Cutting edge real time commentary engine.
  • Alternative betting shop race mode.
  • Dynamic never ending horse racing game world.
  • Breed your own race horses or start a stud with your best stallions.
  • Sales. Buy yearlings, race horses, breeders from game trainers.
  • View any horses lineage and data back over 100 years!
  • Stewards enquiries, non-triers, fines, photo finishes, accurate handicapping etc.
  • Vast form book detailing previous form!
  • Offline management game. Pay once play forever!
  • Build a stud and put up your best stallions for offers from AI trainers/owners.
  • Improved jockey AI for the most realistic horse races ever in a game!
  • Hundreds of world-wide premiere races such as the Melbourne Cup and Grand National!
    Compatible devices. Starters Orders Classic runs on a wide range on Windows hardware and requires Windown 7 or later.

    Note that some features from the 3D version of SO7 are not included in the Classic edition:

  • No Jokcey mode.
  • No betting shop view.
  • Available screen modes/layouts: 1024x768, 1280x720, 1920x1080.